…to Gator Christian Life at the University of Florida. We want to help you connect with Jesus Christ and our church family. Get started by coming to one of our activities, Sunday Service, or maybe you would like to learn more about us.


Congratulations to all of GCL’s Spring 2015 graduates.  We are excited for each of you and the next steps God has planned for each of your lives.

Christian Study Center

Three upcoming opportunities with the Christian Study Center exploring Faith and Vocation:
-Summer Institute on Faith and Vocation
-Undergraduate Seminars on Faith and Vocation
-Faith and Vocation in the Academy

Come and reflect and discuss how our faith intersects with our chosen vocations.  Formats include lectures, discussions and reading groups.  Certain participants will receive up to $300 in fellowships.  Find out more information at http://christianstudycenter.org

Music Training

Want to be trained in VOICE, GUITAR, KEYS, or MUSIC THEORY?  Free every other Saturday?  The music team is having training times this semester and YOU are invited.  Come learn more about how you can use your talents to worship God.  To sign up, contact J.D. Pounds at 561-762-0407

As a campus church at the University of Florida we are all about loving others while making Christ famous among the Gators.
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Spring-Summer Break

GCL’s Sunday Service will still be meeting between the Spring and Summer semester.  The next two weeks (5/3 & 5/10) we will be meeting in Little Hall 109.  Summer Home Groups will start the week of May 11th and we will be back in Carleton Auditorium on May 17th.


Gator Christian Life sponsors this Student Worship Service of Cypress Church.  We encourage you to develop the healthy habit of tithing to your local church.  Here are ways that you can give:

Online: Go to http://www.gatorchristianlife.com/giving/
By Mail: Cypress Church * P.O. Box 14082 * Gainesville, FL 32604
At Home Group: Every Home Group has a tithe box
There is also a tithe box at the GCL House Office.