“And he said to them, ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

Too often, Christians can find themselves just “attending church” and not making any progress in their walk with God. GCL is committed to the growth of every believer, and to help insure the growth God intends, we have established a discipleship process.

GCL’s Discipleship Process




CONNECT to Jesus Christ and the GCL Church Family:

  • Hear and start to understand the gospel.
  • Grow in your understanding of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Build friendships with others that are committed to the GCL church family.

GROW in Your Relationship with Jesus Christ and the GCL Church Family:

  • Pursue a life style of obedience to Jesus Christ.
  • Pursue the basic disciplines of getting baptized by immersion, prayer, studying the Bible, sharing the gospel, serving with and in the GCL church family, and tithing.
  • Commit to attend weekly large and small group gatherings.
  • Commit to be a disciple of others in GCL.

DISCIPLE Make disciples through Jesus Christ and the GCL Church Family:

  • Have an “other oriented” lifestyle.
  • Influence others for Jesus Christ (generally through a recognized leadership responsibility in GCL).
  • Multiply your life by helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, live out a lifestyle of evangelism, and make disciples of others.

GO with Jesus Christ and the Church:

  • Identify your lifetime of service including marketplace, overseas missions, church planting and church leadership.
  • Prepare and get equipped for your lifetime of service.