At GCL, the church meets together on Sundays for worship and teaching, but we live out our Christian lives in community. We grow in our faith through meeting in groups, called Disciple Groups, for fellowship, prayer, worship and communion. Our hope is to be living out Acts 2 with one another. We encourage you to become part of one of these communities.


Disciple Group Day, Time Location Leaders Phone Email

Tolbert/Keys/Springs Areas
Thu, 7:00
Weaver Basement
Gibson 352-221-0644
(Tolbert, Weaver, North, Riker, East, Keys, Springs) Destiny 321-332-4653

Yulee/Infinity Area
Wed, 7:00
Cypress Lounge
Caleb 352-978-5057
(Mallory, Reid, Yulee, Cypress, Infinity) Kelly 352-514-6132

Thu, 7:00
Jennings Basement
Lauren 352-278-1149
(Beaty, Jennings) JD 561-762-0407

Thu, 7:00
Rawlings Lobby
Anthony 386-523-4004
(Broward, Rawlings) Christina 904-868-4606

Tue, 7:00
Hume Commons
Derek 407-223-1401
(Hume, Graham, Trusler, Simpson, Lakeside) Rachel 386-679-7224

Murphree Area
Wed, 6:30
Murphree Commons
Hubert 407-765-8806
(Murphree, Sledd, Buckman, Thomas, Fletcher) Emily 352-514-7091

Grad Students
Thu, 7:00  Reitz Union Food Court Lillian 314-882-7739
Andy 954-242-4806

International Students Sun, 1:00 Ewing Home Dean 352-377-4230

Other/Off Campus/Transfer Wed, 3:00 Reitz Union Food Court Justin 352-318-3489

Other/Off Campus/Transfer
Thu, 12:50
Reitz Union Food Court
Matt 352-514-8639
Jasmine 813-520-0117

Santa Fe
Santa Fe College
Wels 863-274-0272
Michael 904-613-1164


If you need help finding a Disciple Group to join, contact Justin Dicus (352-318-3489) to help find the best group for you.