just sow it

Do you have a desire to reach your friends, relatives, other students, co-workers, and neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ—but you don’t know what to do or say? This resource is designed to help and motivate you. There are many great ways to reach people for Jesus! You can share your story, His story, personal testimony tracts, questionnaires on campus, Life Now Bible Exploration books, Bridge Diagram, or start a Disciple Group. Whatever suits your fancy, Just Sow It!

Bridge Diagram

The Bridge Diagram is a simple illustration you can use to share the gospel clearly.

Life Now Bible Exploration

A three book series for evangelism and discipleship. The first book, Begin Christ, is a beginning Bible study series clearly and thoroughly shares the gospel in an easy-to-understand, question and answer format. Pick up these books for free at Sunday Service or online download the PDF. http://begininchrist.com/gatorchristianlife

Outreach Training Class

Every Spring semester GCL offers the Outreach Training Class to help people grow in their faith, share the gospel boldly and clearly, and answer questions. Currently being offered this spring!

Spiritual Interest Questionnaire

The Spiritual Interest Questionnaire is a great resource to help you start spiritual conversations. Many times GCLers use it when pairing up and sharing the gospel on campus.

Just Sow It stories

GCL and our association of churches, Great Commission Churches, has put together some video testimonies of people who Just Sow It. This videos are both encouraging and have some great ideas.
GCL- http://youtube.com/gatorchristianlife
GCC- http://vimeo.com/greatcommissionchurches/videos